How many people - so many opinions, and opinions can be diametrically opposed. Is the presence of beams on the ceiling aesthetically pleasing, or should this structural element of the building be hidden? One can argue endlessly on this topic. 

The purpose of the ceiling beams in the interior

The main purpose of decorating the ceiling with beams (if they are not constructive) is the ability to get away from the ordinary. And here are some more arguments in favor of this design idea: Task: It is necessary to lay electrical wiring to the lighting fixtures on the ceiling. To arrange an additional, suspended, ceiling does not allow the already low height of the room. Solution: Run a few decorative ceiling beams, under which the wire will be hidden. The height of the ceilings is three or more meters. How to create coziness at least in the bedroom? We create the feeling of a lower ceiling with a decorative beam decoration lowered below. Big kitchen. It is necessary to separate, directly the area for cooking and dining. A ceiling beam fixed over an invisible border can help with this. You can also hang lamps on it. There is always not enough space in the kitchen to accommodate various, very necessary items. To solve this problem, it is also partly possible with the help of ceiling beams.

Visual change in the geometry of the room

Too narrow room - we place the ceiling beams in width (ceiling design with beams, photo); In order to visually raise the low ceiling, the option is used when the continuation of the beams descends onto the walls, and not a beam is laid along the wall, but only a narrow lath. 
This decor creates the impression of a larger volume. I would like to emphasize the immensity of space - we place the ceiling beams along the length.